About Chasing a Miracle

When Dr. Adam Bell’s pregnant wife is infected with a fatal virus, the only thing that can save her is a miracle!
However, after Adam, a high-ranking scientist employed by a secret government agency, is caught concealing the breakthrough of an ancient code, his ruthless power-hungry boss, Director Scott, issues a spine-chilling ultimatum.

Have you ever wished for a miracle?

Have you ever wished for a miracle? Come on now. Of course you have. You know you have. For, which of us on this planet, atheists included, has not at one time or another, and with the heart of a beggar/and with a beggar’s heart, pleaded, entreated, prayed, even bargained for a miracle of one sort or another to be granted, whether for ourselves or someone else? Now, let us never confuse miracles with magic. Magic is just that – hocus-pocus, fake, sham, not real, no matter how impressive and baffling. Again, let us not confuse miracles with favours – favours from the Almighty and favourite saints, all part and parcel of the popular novena culture of Catholics, and prayed for daily by the faithful for receipt of all manner of personal intentions. Nor are we talking the “Wow! How did that happen?-It’s-gotta-be-a-miracle!” kind of miracle. No, no, no. At the risk of sounding redundant, we’re talking real miracles here!

But, Dr. Adam Bell is surely not confused. Oh no. As Chief Investigator, he knows the difference only too well. After all, ‘miracles’ are his official business at the Bureau of Scientific Scepticism (B.O.S.S.), and his good nature and intellectual curiosity soon cause him to delve more deeply than required into the anatomy and character of miracles – All in keeping with the bureaus secret agenda. This happens not a moment too soon as it turns out, when without warning his own dire need for a miracle transforms his usual impartial, objective, routine work with the federal government bureau into an inordinately personal, life-and-death chase. Adam is also, of necessity, himself inherently transformed from the quiet, plodding, somewhat hesitating investigator, unused to police work, into a man on a mission, a father-to-be with a cause, where time is of the essence, and there’s no room for error… Join him in the chase of his life!

About EHB

Eliot H. Bailey was born on Wednesday August 10th 1983 at 3 a.m. on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia – an island that has produced two Nobel laureates. His parents, both educators, have devoted their lives to teaching the arts. Eliot was named after T.S. Eliot – “one ‘l’, one ‘t’” – as he was wont, from the tender age of eighteen months, to inform all and sundry who might ask his name. Growing up, Eliot was a curious child who started talking when he was about ten months. He asked questions galore and spouted creative ideas. Being British (as well as St Lucian), he would spend his summers back in his father’s homeland of England visiting family and, in his teens, chose to live there on his own for a year. It was during this time that he was moved to chronicling his days and jotting down his thoughts on life and the parade of characters that crossed his path. Much of this writing was done on the spur of the moment as he sat in train stations or on park benches. Looked upon as intelligent and insightful, from a young age, Eliot soon displayed an acute business sense and a facility for negotiating, marketing – and storytelling. [Read more]

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